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Dubai Tours with safari


If you’re in Dubai, you can never afford to miss the safari tours. The Dubai tour with safari is one of the major attractions of the place. People across the world come to Dubai to have an experience of the Dubai desert safari. And, it’s a lifetime experience. Also, it’s worth the money you spent in the safari. Don’t you afford to lose the experience of Dubai tours with safari, if you’re here? It’s a wonderful experience to take back home to your friends, family and relatives.

There are 3 types of desert safari tours conducted here in Dubai. These are

  • Morning Dubai Tours with Safari
  • Evening Dubai Tours with Safari
  • Overnight Dubai Tours with Safari

Morning Dubai Tours with Safari

If you’re an early morning riser, this safari tour is the best one for you. Enjoy the dune bashing, camel safari ride, sand skiing and quad biking in this tour organised in the mornings. If you want to feel the adventure of the place, don’t hesitate to opt for the morning safari tour.

Evening Dubai Tours with Safari

Well, this is a must experience to take back home, if you’re in Dubai. Watch the beautiful sunset and the serene panoramic landscape in the desert. Feel the beauty of the nature. Enjoy the fun-filled drive amidst the dunes to the camel farm. Experience the camel trek there. And, then go for sand boarding or sand skiing. Quad biking is yet another experience of the place. Then, enjoy the sumptuous barbecue dinner. Also, entertain yourself with the traditional belly dancers surrounding the campfire. Enjoy the famous Arabic Shisha and gahwa. You can also try out the traditional costumes and take some photos to capture the memories of the place.

Overnight Dubai Tours with Safari

If you are planning to experience the adventure in the deserts, it’s recommended to go for the overnight safari tours. These tours include everything as discussed in the evening tour. Coupled with that, you need to take some sleep bags and blankets with you. Experience the 30 minute dune driving and a pleasant overnight stay in the deserts. Also, you get the opportunity to witness the beauty of the night sky. Get yourself tuned to the sound of sands all throughout the night. Make your experience amazing.

It’s always recommended to take the various activities, while you’re on Dubai tours with safari. Because, be rest assured that you won’t be able to experience any of them back home. Feel the nature, get the glimpse of the diverse arid flora and fauna, enjoy the splendid panorama of the place. The desert has an ambiance of its own. The beauty, serenity and the peace blended with the adventure make your experience in the Dubai Tours with safari commendable and remarkable. All you need to have is a bit of enthusiasm and love for nature to witness these. When you’re going for the tours, always wear comfortable clothes. Don’t take any expensive watches or cell phones with you. Also, avoid keeping nay jewelleries with you. Simply unwind yourself amidst the nature. Have a thrilling experience. Enjoy the breathtaking splendour of the desert to the fullest

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